What do we do

Since 2008, Sunterra Custom Homes has been building homes that are responsive and adaptive. Latin for Sun and Land, the name Sunterra is a reflection of our unique designbuild approach. We believe that architecture and its environment has a symbiotic relationship, each learning from the other. That’s why every build centres around featuring the property’s view. Sunterra Custom Homes provides a complete package of services ranging from feasibility studies and master plans, through to the construction administration of the final product. Having fun while doing this has been a bonus.

Scope of work

Sunterra Custom Homes is in the business of building dreams. If a client has a vision, it’s best to work on that dream from start to finish…from design to build.


Based in Vernon BC, Sunterra Custom Homes services the the North and South Okanagan Valley. As a design and build firm, most of Sunterra’s projects are new builds. Sunterra will typically work on 2-3 fun renovations per year.

Why do we exist

Passion. We love what we do.

It’s one thing to have a dream, it’s another to pursue that dream. That’s where Sunterra Custom Homes comes into the picture.


Sunterra Custom Homes is committed to following through on their thoughts and ideas, and making sure that clients’ dreams are executed. Once you break down the walls, people are all connected. Everyone has a story, everyone has a vision. Together, we turn that vision into a space that clients can feel proud to call home.