"Kalamalka" is the Okanagan First Nations term for, "the lake of many colors".  Situated at its' northern most end is the community of Coldstream, which offers many of the nature trails, beaches, farmland and orchards that the Okanagan prides itself upon.

Kalamalka Modern is a 2900 square foot home which sits atop a prestigious Coldstream hillside.  Overlooking the unprecedented waters of Kalamalka Lake, this home features floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in its' mid-century modern kitchen with engineered stone and a waterfall feature on an over-sized walnut island.  A sliding, partition door was hand-crafted from bamboo wood and hangs from a traditional barn rail system.  Built-ins such as the entrance storage unit and the kitchen appliance nook combine functionality and fashion for the modern family home.