"When we purchased our vacation home in Vernon, we decided to deveolp the unfinished portion of our basement.  We contacted Sunterra Homes and we're impressed with the dedication to making sure what we wanted was going to be functional and what we wanted to get out of the project for our family.  Being that our main residence is in Alberta, we had to trust Sunterra and their crew that they would oversee the project as we could not be there.  Sunterra took pictures and sent them by email and this is how we communicated to get the project complete.  We are very satisfied with the end results and highly recommend Sunterra Custom Homes Ltd. for your new home or renovation projects."


Amanda & John Lawton, Edson, AB



"We were introduced to Sunterra Custom homes while we were renting in preparation to build. We had already been searching for a builder who was willing to build a modern lined home. The builders that we interviewed kept pushing a craftsman style home. Ranvir was the first builder who saw our vision. His efficient collaborative approach moved us quickly though the build. Ranvir helped us source products, which at that time were hard to find in Canada. The products were beautiful, modern and still kept us on budget. This was the first home we have built. Even the day after completion both of us would have gladly started the whole process again. over the years any question we have ever had Sunterrra Custom homes remains our best resource.
We have recommended Sunterra Custom homes many times, and will continue to do so. It has been almost 7 years since we built, the house looks as inspired as the day we were handed the keys"

Tom and Kathy Braidwood, Vernon, BC


"Sas says he was just walking by when he saw the house.  He wasn't really looking for real estate at the time but this house gave him something no other house could- a stunning view that dwarfed any he had seen previously in all of his travels across the globe.  The house was a Sunterra Homes custom house.  He says that the house is perched on the lot in such a way that when you look out the windows, you feel like you're sitting in an airplane.  Sas enjoys nature and hikes, so this expansive view of the mountains and lake delivers an intimate view of the scenery he loves every time he walks by the window"

Sas & Paulette Wakim, Coldstream, BC


"When we began looking for a home builder, we were puzzled about the proceudures, but with Sunterra Custom Homes Ltd. everything was explained step-by-step.  They made us part of the process and took the time to find out what was most important to us.  Sunterra Homes listened to, and implemeted, our design ideas.  Our communication during the project was clear and Sunterra Custom Homes Ltd. was consistently available to answer questions and concerns regarding the project.  I wanted to thank you for your services.  You answered all of our questions about the work, and left us with a neat and professional looking job."


Randhawa FamilyVernon, BC


"When the decison was made to move forward with our renovation, we needed to find a reputable builder that could not only stay within our tight budget but, just as important, a builder that we could trust to finish the job in 60 days.  We had to be out of our current place and moved into our renovated house without any delays.  This was something that everyone, including friends and family, told us was not possible.  Thanks to Sunterra Custom Homes Ltd. and their team of trades and contractors, it was possible.  The inside of the home was gutted and, within our time frame and budget, Sunterra Custom Homes Ltd. turned over the keys to our new house.  Thank you , Sunterra Homes, for the memories that are sure to be everlasting.

Shaun & Marlo Ovington, Vernon, BC





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